Dark magic is at play in this war. Putin and people like his 'spiritual' mentor Aleksandr Dugin are trying to create a world where everyone bows to an immovable holy patriarchal hierarchy in the name of an Imperial Russian Orthodox empire. The leadership, politics, economic system, and democracy in Ukraine are imperfect, but even so, we can say this is pretty much good against evil. What is evil? I suggest the root of evil is the conscious pursuit of depriving humans of the knowledge and ways and means to understand the world and its history, and to stop them from being able to understand and develop themselves individually and collectively. To achieve this goal these evil rulers have many accomplices and methods. and they have gotten very creative in recent years because the war started in people's heads a few years ago. Thanks not only to Russian fake news, lies, and propaganda but also because of the assistance of among quite a few others, far-right press barons, London, Facebook, and other 'social' media. We win the war against Putin but we also need to reset the 'free' world.
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